vCenter 6.0 Install Linked Mode

I have 2 site in my lab environment. For eximple HQ site and DR-SITE, and each site have one-one vCenter server. Management will be easy when use this two vCenter servers in linked mode options. You can see two vCenter servers in same management application, WebClient or vSphere Client (thick). Platform Services Controll are going to replicate between two vCenter. I will show  you how able to create linked mode vCenter environment.

Requiments: You need VC1.LAB.LOC, this is a simple embedded deployment vCenter 6.0, nothing special, typical next next finish install.

1 – Insert VMware vSphere 6.0 media into the CD-ROM, or mount ISO, then choose vCenter Install


2 – Accept license Agreement


3 – On Select deployment type page, you can choose Embedded deployment


4 – Type System Network Name (FQDN – Full name)


5 – vCenter Single Sign-On you can choose “Join a vCenter Single Sign-On” option



6 – Create a New Site like DR-SITE


7 – Configure vCenter Service Account (You can use AD domain service Account. In this example i select local system admin account)


8 – Select database, like embedded vPostgress or full MS SQL 2008 r2 on external or internal server


9 – Check ports


10 – Select destination folders


11 – Check the summary


12 – Install process

VC1-2015-03-14-12-34-54 VC1-2015-03-14-12-47-22 VC1-2015-03-14-22-22-55

13 – If you did everyfing right, you can see someting like this picture, when you loged in any vCenter server.


I hope this article help for you a little bit!

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