Change SSL Certificate vSphere6

I have installed a new vSphere6 windows base vCenter Server, becouse i wanted to try how could change SSL certificate in new vCenter by new automations tool.
When i browsed on internet, i found a great article. I tried this steps, and worked fine.

In my lab i would like introduce a “SUB CA” solution, where vCenter Root CA have issued by Microsoft CA certificate.
My first step was: “Replace Machine (Reverse HTTP Proxy) Certificate with Custom Certificate” then “Replace VMCA Root certificate with Custom Signing Certificate and replace all Certificates (Using VMCA as a subordinate CA)”. When i did just only Replace “VMCA Root…” part it not was enough, i had to do “Replace Machine…” part to.

vSphere 6 Change SSL Cert

vSphere 6 change SSL Certificate

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