vmware vCenter Appliance (port 5480 & Patch/Update)

I installed VMware-VCSA-all-6.0.0-2562643 at first time. I tried connet to the Web Console of Appliance at default port 5480 and i got error message. Telnet didn’t work too, so i started looking for solution on internet, and i found this articel (KB2120477) “Logging in to the VMware vCenter Server Appliance Web Console on port 5480 fails”

OK, i have to update my vCSA system, bot how!? The only way was CLI update, right, let’s go!

First of all, we needs the latest patch/build of vCenter Appliance, and we can download it from this website. Log in to the myVMware site.


Upload the iso file to one DataStore. I used the ESXi local DS, that ESXi where my vCenter Server Appliance ran.


We hade to create SnapShot from Server Appliance.

Right click VM, Select “Snapshots” option, and clik “Take Snaphot”


Wait until snapshot will be done, check Tasks.


Next step: mount this iso into vCenter Server Appliance VM CD drive…


and don’t forget fill the “Connected” checkbox! 🙂


Open SSH application, (i use to Putty) and loging into Server.


Type this: “software-packages install –iso –acceptEulas”





You can see similar to this, when the upgrade was successfully.

I checked the disk performance during installation process. You can see below. This is avarage value.


You have to rebbot your vCenter Server, use this command:
“shutdown reboot -r updates”


Wait for the boot process!


After boot process was done, check your system. LogIn to the vCenter Server, check build numbers, Open console selected VM… ect.

When U are sure, the system is working correctly, and update process is done, remove the snapshot, and disconnect mounted ISO image.


Right click the VM, select “Snapshots” than “Manage Snapshots…”


Click “Delete All” button.

I hope this short article will be able to help you in the future!

And woala, port 5480 (I almost forgot) 🙂


If U have question pls. don’t hesitate ask me!

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