Resetting VMware vRealize Infrastructure Navigator database

Today we have deployed VMware vRealize Infrastructure Navigator appliance. This app is part of our vRealize Operation Manager Advanced and Enterprise environment. This intriduction is a new project at my Company, and I’m glad to lead that.

The reason why I’m writing this post, because when we deployed Infrastructure Navigator, we got this error message: “An unknown VM access error has occurred”

We find this article:

Unfortunately it isn’t worked 😦 but I’m sharing this link, maybe will help for somebody who are looking for solution similar problem.

We find an other blog: whitch explan how could reset database of Infrastructure Navigator.

  1. Log onto the VIN server as root
  2. Run the command : monit stop vadm-engine This will stop the VIN service
  3. Execute the file: /opt/vadm-db-config/bin/ This will drop the VIN database
  4. Execute the file /opt/vadm-db-config/bin/ This will re configure the database
  5. run the command: monit start vadm-engineThis will start the VIN service The appliance should then start preparing the environment.
  6. Another good command to run is monit summary this will show the service status.

A good advice: don’t overwrite Infr. Navigator host name, because the first step won’t be work!!

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