Migrate from Windows base vCenter PSC to VCA PSC

I tried how can migrate from windows base vCenter to linux base VCA server. In this post I would like to share my experience.

Fortunatlely the migration process reconize our vCenter environement, and it is able to determinate wich type of vCenter (PSC or not) want we migrate.

First of all we can runing VMware Migration Assistant on source vCenter server. You can find this app on vCenter install media.

This console base app will check our server is meet the requiments of migration. Eg.: in my lab environment i didn’t use gateway, becouse i used same subnet for all servers. This tool notice me, this is an error!

When everithing was fine, you will see “Waiting for migration to start…” message end of lines.


Next step we can runing vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 Installer, and click to “Migrate” option.


Follow the install’s instructions, fill the gaps.



Add ESXi host’s IP address where have you been install the vCenter Server Appliance, and add root user’s password.


Fill the temporary IP datas. Until the migration process the temp. IP address will be change.


Summary page.


When U clicked to Finish button the installer will deploy a new PSC server.


After the installation process, click “Continou” button to migration process let started.


Migration stage 2 will be started.


When your server was part of MS Active Directory domain, you can join your Appliance to domain during installation process.


Why not? 🙂 Join the VMware’s Customer Experince Imp. Program.


The migration summary tab. You have to click to I have backed up my source server option, despite the process can’t start.




YES! Your source server will be shut down, becouse two ip address in one network don’t exist!




Done! Your vCenter Server was migrate to VCA!

If you have any question, pls. dont’t hesitate contact me. Leave message!


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