VMware Mirage for Retail presentation (VMUG Hungary Q2)

Tuday was (27/06/17) VMUG Hungary meeting at IMAX Cinema City (Arena mall).

You can find the Agende on this link: https://community.vmug.com/events/event-description?CalendarEventKey=99b2e03f-7e3a-435a-b16a-632235d77676&CommunityKey=da657737-6fc8-44e4-a785-4678c6c4a1b6&Home=%2fcommunities%2flocalcommunityhome ( I know it is long 🙂 )

First presenter was Filip Verloy and he talked about Rubrik. It is a new approach in backups. Two weeks ago i was part of an other presentation about Rubrik backup appliance by Rutger Kosters. He showed us lots of interesting things, and some new feature from latest version of Rubrik. I think it is good idea and we schould follow the new enhancements.

After it came presentation of NetApp about HCI solutions. In one appliance the Customers can choose between storage node and compute noode. Details here. Essence: the compute and storage can scale differently.

Coffe break!

Valentin explaned the new releases from VMware product especially vRealize Operation Manager 6.6, and showed the startegic ways. He talked about VMware support levels, what is the main different among support subscriptions.

I was the next at before lunch. I talked about VMware Mirage introduction at my company.

You can see my presentation in below.

Unfortunately I had to go, so I didn’t see the other’s presentation. I hope András Herceg (vThing) will mention them in his blog.

28/60/17 – Update1: https://vthing.wordpress.com/2017/06/28/vmug-hungary-2017-q2-report/ (Yes, He did it! :))

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