VMware vRealize Operation 6.7 upgrade experience

I have upgraded our vRealize Operation 6.6.1 test environment to version 6.7. Please let me share my experience about the test.

Our test environment consists of one Remote Connector and one Data node.

First of all, I checked this blog articles:



vRealize Operations Upgrade Assessment Tool

From my.vmware.com site (under 6.7 download page) you can download vRealize Operations Upgrade Assessment Tool. “APUAT-”

Install was very easy, just install pak file on the admin page. Install created a log file automatically. Download it, and browse to \apuat-data\report\ folder, and open the index.html file. As you can red in the VMware’s blog article, you are able to check your dashes, widgets and so on. Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about metrics, tools find only one matric witch should be a problem.


vRealize Operations Upgrade Assessment Tool

vRealize Operations Upgrade Assessment Tool

I downloaded OS (vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-OS- and VA (vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA- upgrade pak files, from my.vmware.com site.

vRealize Operation OS update process

I opened vRealize Operation’s admin page (“https://FQDNorIP/admin”) on System Status page hit “TAKE OFFLINE” button. Wait a few minutes.

Take Offline vRealize

Take Offline vRealize

After the nodes went to offline mode, switch to vSphere client and take snapshot from VM-s (deselect: Snapshot the virtual machine’s memory).


Then go back vRealize Operation admin page and click “System Updates” link. Click “INSTALL A SOFTWARE UPDATE” blue icon and browse OS upgrade pak file (vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-OS- Select Install the PAK file is already to upload and install option. Then click “UPLOAD” button.


Wait approximately 5-10 minutes, and you will see similar the picture below. The PAK file signature is valid. Next.


Accept EULA, and go next.


Read update information and click Next.


Click “INSTALL” button.

You see the OS update process on the screen.


Click the icon next to Status column for details.


Wait 30-45 min for the end of the process. If you did everything right you will see a similar screen on your monitor. Status Completed. Don’t worry, under the update process admin page will disappear. Be patient, and hit the refresh button, the page will be returned. You have to relogin.


vRealize Operation VA update process

Ok, now we can upgrade vRealize Operation, the OS upgrade process is done. Similar steps as OS upgrade, except you can browse the vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA- file and you can select “Reset Default Content…” option. After you fill the box, a warning message will appear. Read it and select I understood button 🙂



The admin page under this upgrade process will disappear too, don’t panic.


It’s time to login to the new vRealize Operation Manager.



The OS and vRealize Operation upgrade process is done. Now I go and discover new features in vRealize Operation 6.7 🙂

If U have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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