VMware EMPOWER 2018 Vienna


2018.07.01. Sunday

VMware has organized VMware EMPOWER conference to VMware’s partners in this week. The European conference location is Vienna, Hilton Hotel. We arrived and registered to conference at Sunday afternoon.


VMware EMPOWER hall

2018.07.02. Monday

The first sessions started at 1PM. I registered to “Planning Your Migration To VMware Clound on AWS” by Andrea Siviero, Principal Architect @asivix.

He started with Hybrid Cloud Assesmant tool. Customers must have to know, they environment and applications are prepare for Cloud, and the answare is yes, they want to know, witch cloud is optimal for theirs workload.

Network Insight can help discover application’s deppendency. It is a Cloud base software from VMware Cloud on AWS. We can deploy the proxy server on site, and manage it on the cloud. vRealize Network Insight and Network Insight has sames UI, so sombady used to the On-Prem version she/he will meet the same UI.

For the cost analyze Siviero recommend Cost Insight solution.

He talked about the jurny of cloud from onpremiss and Hybrid Cloud Extension aka HCX. The Cloud subscription consist of HCX too. Why it is importent:

  • Not necessary NSX on-premmis to L2 connecttion to Cloud
  • Not necessary same ESXi and vCenter version On-Prem and Cloud
  • HCX compress data, reduce bandwith
  • Not necessary direct connection to vMition to Cloud
  • Migrated VM will test on the cloud, and if find any problem VM will continous working on-premmise site

So HCX good fire bad 🙂


After the clouds we switched to Windows 10 management and Workspace One.


During the General session we saw a contest, Who wants to be a Partner Master, a good dance performance, and the future plan of VMware. I share some pictures from General session. I’m sorry that Pat Gelsinger is not part of the session, but he will join EMPOWER Europe by online session, They promised 🙂


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