Veeam Availability for Nutanix AHV and license changes

I saw a webinar about newly supported hypervisor of Veeam B&R, and I would like to share my experience. As you know (from the title of this article) Veeam availability now for Nutanix AHV.

Official Veeam site:

I have started learn about Nutanix for 2 months ago, from Nutanix bible. It shows how is it working in deep dive. Interesting reading for me. Sorry, jump back to the original topic, Veeam and Nutanix.


As you can see, every AHV host consist of one (or more) Veeam Backup Proxy Appliance for AHV, and through this appliance, Veeam server can “manage” snapshots base backups. You will download Veeam proxy appliance for AHV from Veeam website. After the install process and configuration, you will log in to Proxy web management interface. Actually, I don’t have more information about the appliance, but I will return with details in the near future. I will try in my lab.

Default User/Pass: admin / admin


Veeam Nutanix AVH


When you log in to the appliance, the first-page witch shows up is a dash. You will see the status of Protection, Job, Repository and Backup server. In the right panel, you can find event logs from last 24 hours. Simple UI.

GoToWebinar 000

Under “Infrastructure Settings” you can manage or add Veeam B&R Servers and Nutanix Clusters. You need to know IP addresses and credentials to the connection. If connection status is Available to Veeam Server and Nutanix cluster, you can create backup jobs under “Backup Jobs” menu. Browse among the VMs. Select the repo and schedule the task. Like Veeam management console.

GoToWebinar 005_mod


To the restore, we use Veeam Management Console, similar way as any other restore in Veeam. By Veeam explorers to Exchange, SQL, FLR… you are able to restore any item or VM. In the webcast, we saw some demo.


License changes (Subscription option)

Veeam introduces the per-VM license type. The pictures below you can see the subscription model prices (information only) and shows how you can convert your CPU base license to the new one. 1 per-CPU socket = 20 subscription VMs. You can calculate which type of license fit for your environment.



I’m greeting this step

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