Create vRealize Operation EP Ops Agent View

As I wrote my previous article, you can copy/paste the list of EP Ops Agents. I create a sophisticated solution to the problem.

Create Custom Group

  • Log in to vRealize Operation Manager
  • Go to “Environment”
    • Under “Environment Overview” title, be sure the “Custom Group” is select
  • Click “New custom group” icon (green cross icon)
  • Add a custom name
  • Group Type: Environment (I preferred this one)
  • Select or search the EP Ops Agent object like the picture below
  • Under the object from the first list select Metrics then AVAILABILITY | Resource Availability
  • Condition: “is”
  • Value: 100



Right, you created a custom group which is consist of available Agents. You can check your filter if you click “PREVIEW” button in the left bottom.

Create View

  • Open your custom group
  • Click “more…” option from the menu list
  • Select the “Details” option
  • Default View option is select
  • Click “Create View” button (green cross)
  • Type the name and description
  • From presentation select “List” type
  • In the subject menu, select “EP Ops Agent”
    • Click to “Add subject” link, and type EP Ops Agent words
  • On the Data menu, select data for “EP Ops Agent”
    • Metrics: AVAILABILITY | Resource Availability
  • You can change the time frame under Time settings, and you have many other options. Customise your View as you like.
  • Click “SAVE” button



From now you have an updated Agent list which is exportable to Excel. BTW you can use this view on your Dash too. I think this solution is better as my previous one 🙂

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