NUTANIX segmented network vDwitch

In this article I will not cover the process of migration from vSwitch to vDSwitch. I will share with you an experience and knowledge about it, why don’t do that!!

What is segmented network on NUTANIX?

For some reasone (eg. security) enterprises want to separate Backplane and management network to different vLANs. If you add one more NIC to the CVM (as you can see in picture below) you can separate the Management (vLAN 100 – eth0) and Backplane (vLAN 200 – eth2) network.


This video explain the details:


In the real life looks similar this.


Why don’t migrate to vDSwitch?

Easy, becouse this is not supported!

First time I didn’t know that, of course I migrated “vmk0” VMkernel to vDswitch 🙂

Symptoms after migration:

  • CVM Backplane network shows Link Down


  • CVM IP is pinging


VMK1 – do NOT migrate or modify this network, stay on vSwitch!!! This network responsible for communication between CVM and vSphere.


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