vRealize Operations Manager 8.x upgrade is hanging on step 4 of 9

I destroyed my vRealize Operation lab environment successfully last night. So I have to rebuld it from zero. I installed an earlier version of vRalize, it was 7.5. Why? First time I tried deploy vROPs 8.0.1 but when I finshed with the new cluster wizard the admin page could’t loaded. I’m going to investigate the reason of this behavior but now I would like to share a story of an other error and how to fix it.

The situation is we have a brand new installed vRealize Operations Manager 7.5. It was one node architecture. Initial steps were ready so vCenter solution pack installed only but not configured.

Let’s go and upgrade our 7.5 environment to 8.0.1 just a little practice or Not? 🙂

I don’t explain the upgrade process in this article, you can find so many good step by step guide with screenshots about upgrade process. I’m going to share with you that situation where during the upgrade process you recognise that (under Software update menu) stepes completed is 4 of 9 and it dosen’t change for a long time.

Fortunately I founded a VMware’s KB article about this problem and it solved this error:

KB Article: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/76339

When you done with the last step you can realize that your VM or VMs is/are going to restart and the OS changes from SUSE to PhotonOS will begin.

One thought on “vRealize Operations Manager 8.x upgrade is hanging on step 4 of 9

  1. Appreciate the post, was ripping my hair out on a 6.6.1 to 8.0.1 upgrade and stumbled across your site.

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