vRealize Operations Manager 8 CA (Continuous Availability)

Requiments (minimum the following):

  • 1 Master node,
  • 1 Data node
  • 1 Witness (new node type)

I recommend 2-2 nodes to each domain in production.

!!! Before you start it, I warn you the change is offline process !!!

About existing environment: I used to High Availabilty feature of vRealize Operations Manager so I had one Master and one Replica nodes. I changed this environment from HA to CA.

  • First of all you have to turn off HA
  • Deploy 2 DATA nodes and expand the existing cluster
  • Deploy 1 Witness node (during the installation you can select Witness type) and expand the cluster

Now you have 1 Master 3 Data and 1 Witness nodes as you can see picture below.

Hit “ENABLE CA” button and after that you are going to see similar window. Just drag and drop nodes to the right Fault Domain. Your Master node became (and you can’t change it) first node of Fault Domain #1. Still Master node and it will remain.

First node on Failt Domain #2 side is going to change Replica node. In this case VRO-ANALYTIC-03 became Replica node during the process. Drop other data nodes to the right domain and click OK button.

End of the long process (approximately 20-45 minutes) you will see two Fault Domain on Cluster Status page and they have to online state. As I mentioned earlier node VRO-ANALYTIC-03 became Master replica.

VMware doc article: https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Operations-Manager/8.0/com.vmware.vcom.vapp.doc/GUID-FB1E9F9D-BFA8-4257-8D0A-A709995F997B.html

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