vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1 Deploy

Who read regulary my blog knows my main focus recently vRealize Operations Manager. Because of I’m working on vROps deployment project at field. I have worked with vROps since version 6.1 so it is a long relationship. Of course I’m working with vSphere and vSAN as well. I want to make next steps and open other vRealize solutions like Automatization. I decided to try VMware’s vRealize Lifecycle Manager solution.

I will share with you my first experiense about vRSLM and my step by step guide to deploy. And a little trouble shooting as usual 🙂

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1 Installation, Upgrade, and Management documentations download here.

First step is download ISO image from my.vmware site. It is 11,6 GB and consist of vIDM (VMware Identity Manager) and vRA (vRealize Automatization) installers/binaries. You can download from here.

Mount ISO image (I use W10) and browse ..\vrlcm-ui-installer\win32\ folder and run installer.exe file.

In this scenario I will choose Install becouse it is a green field deploy. I haven’t used vRSLM before. So click Install.

On the first page you can read about vRSLM and what is it. Click Next.

Type your target vCenter server IP or FQDN name. It is working both. I like service users so I created a local vCenter user with admin privilages. During the deply vRSLM are going to check all necessary permission. If certificate warning message popup just click OK. Installer try to connect vCenter server.

I cut the full list of permission witch is available here. (Excel)

I skip some part of installing like Select Storage location, Compute resource, these items are unique every environments. You know the best place to your VM.

On the Network Configuration page select port group (vDSwitch PG is working well) and IP assigment. I use static IP address. Fill the network informations and NTP server IP.

Interesting think, I added IP address to NTP field despite of I can’t see my setting in Appliance. But don’t worry you can add NTP servers after install too under settings menu.

In the next step you can create one password for many product. Installer will use this password to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager root password and vRealize Automatization root password and VMware Identity Manager admin…(and so on) password. Do not forget this password!

Type your vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Appliance’s Name (invntory name in vCenter) , IP and Hostname. Do not forget create DNS record.

I suggest change “Default_datacenter” and “Default_vcenter” names to your DC and vCenter names where you install the appliance. Later you can’t change it.

I insalled vIDM during vRSLM install process.

I skip this step. I would like to intall vRA later.

On last screen you can check your settings and if you think everything is correct you will hit Submit button.

Troubleshooting part

Sympthom: deploy OVF template was cancaled by a user. You can see message from vCenter below.

I check log file and find this “Failed to send http data”.

It was interesting because a couple day ago it worked fine. The only difference was machine where I started the install process. I started searching on google and a few minutes later I found this doc.


Ok, let see: ESXi host is available, I rach it by IP and FQDN. I can login. Check certificate. My coworker changed default VMware’s certs to own.


Install Root CA certificate into your desktop certificate’s store and try again install vRSLM. After that OVF will deploy without error.

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