Delete vSAN datastore after VCSA install fail


I want to redeploy my lab environment because I have to use same vCenter version like in production system. During the VCSA server installation process I got error message and I have to delete VCSA. Nothing special until I realised I intalled VCSA on vSAN datastore. As you know during VCSA install you can select “Install on a new virtual SAN cluster” option.

Because I have to start the deploy process from beginning I have to delete vSAN datastore. But on GUI no options to delete that. When you follow the few steps below you can delet your vSAN datastore and are able to restart VCSA deploy process.

  • Enable SSH on ESXi host where you deploy VCSA
    • Log in ESXi host (https://IPorFQDN/ui)
    • Root / YourPassWord
    • Click Manage on Navigator part
    • Select Services tab
    • Select TSM-SSH service from the list
    • Push Start button on top
  • Log on to ESXi host by SSH client like Putty
    • Type root user and password
esxcli vsan storage list

The command above list all disks in DiskGroup. In my lab I used only one DG. I know not recommended but don’t forget it is a lab 🙂

Note your VSAN Disk Group UUID. If you have more than one DiskGroup repeat the command all of them.

esxcli vsan storage remove -u "UUID"

Last step remove host from vSAN cluster.

esxcli vsan cluster leave

Now you can restart your VCSA server installation. I hope this short article help you.

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