vCenter 6.7 External PSC converge to embedded with Linked Mode step by step guide

vSphere 7 U1 in the corner and as we know external PSC mode is depricated. If you use external PSC configuration with linked mode you have to switch to internal PSC mode.

Fortunatly VMware introduced converge tool (in 6.7 U1) to help us migrate external PSC to embedded. It is a GUI solution so if you don’t like CLI just use it. In this article I would like to show you how you can converge your external PSC servers when you use linked mode solution between two data centers.

First of all I recommend to you think about dependecy from your vCenter server. What I mean? Without vCenter server other solutions like vSAN, vDSwitch are working fine, you just can’t configure them. But what about Backups, Replications, vRealize Suite and so on… You may reconfigure other solutions so strongly recommended to discover dependency and create a migraton plan, nagotiate other teams whos responsible for connected services. Sometimes this task take longer as the main task 🙂

When you done with aboves and do you have maintenance winows this is the steps that you need to do.

About the environment: I use 2 ext. PSC and 2 vCenter Server Appliances in my demo. Same SSO domain (cloud.local), different sites configuration.
SDDC-PSC01 and SDDC-PSC02 over and above SDDC-VCA01 and SDDC-VCA02 where the number represent sites. 01 is main site and 02 is DR or secundary site. I changed machine certs to my custom certificate. All vCenter server is member of my AD domain.

!!! Create backup from your environment – Snapshot (offline state), vCenter backup and use your external vCenter backup solution. More source is better 🙂

  • Download vCenter ISO file from, same build number as your running version. Just in case if you have trouble with internet access. Attach ISO file to vCenter Server Appliances.
  • Log in to your vCenter Server Appliance by SSH (like Putty) and mount CD rom. Official link here.
mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
  • Go to Menu / Administration / Deployment / System Configuration in vCenter (SDDC-VCA01) and check your actual status (click “VIEW AS TOPOLOGY”)
  • In the begining you have two external PSC Servers connection with vCenter Server Appliances as you can see picture above. Now click “VIEW AS TABLE” button.
  • Select vCenter server (SDDC-VCA02) and click “CONVERGE TO EMBEDDED” (I recommend to you start your DR or Secundary site)
  • Type your SSO Administrator User and Password
  • Click “Join AD” (in this scenario we use AD member servers)
  • Add information about join AD
  • Click “CONVERGE” button
  • In this point your selected vCenter server will restart services so it is mean vCenter bacame unavailable some minutes depends on your environement. If you fit with this just hit “PROCEED” button.
  • When the converge process is done you will see a little PSC icon on your vCenter icon and the vCenter type changed to “vCenter Server with embedded Platform Service Controller”
  • Repeat steps above on SDDC-VCA02 vCenter Server Appliance
  • You can see similar pictures as above.
  • Check log files here
  • Now we can remove our external PSC Server Appliances from replication topology
  • Select SDDC-PSC01 server (they have only one replication partner in topology) and click “DECOMMISSION PSC” button
  • End of process your PSC server is going to down. Became powerOff state. If you check topology view in your vCenter you will see something like below.
  • Go back table view and remove the last PSC Server (Highlander :D) from your envirnemnt.
  • Just click your last PSC Server and hit decomission psc button
  • Proceed the shutdown message
  • After services restarted and you can login into vCenter Server you will see only two vCenter Servers under System Configuration menu.

I hope this article will help you move forward way to upgrade vSphere 7.

3 thoughts on “vCenter 6.7 External PSC converge to embedded with Linked Mode step by step guide

  1. Hi!
    Really nice article, thanks for sharing!
    Why do you need the vCenter ISO at the beginning? Do you need to mount it on both vCenter Servers?
    Best regards,

    • Hi Andras,
      yes, you can mount to ISO file both vCenter servers. You have to use same build number ISO and version of vCenter otherwise you will see error message. Converge process use binaries from CD/ISO, that’s why wee need it.

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