vCenter HA – Failed to get management network information – Solved

I tried to configure vCenter HA in my lab environment. I use vCenter 7 U1 so it is the latest version. I added new network interface into VM and configured it on WAMI page, but when I pushed the “SET UP VCENTER HA” button I got error message. You can see this message in the picture below.

But before I tell you the correct solution I’m going to show how you can configure vCenter HA.

Configure vCenter HA

First of all you have to create a separated network for HA traffic. The vCenter HA network connects the Active, Passive, and Witness nodes and replicates the server state. It also monitors heartbeats.

  • The vCenter HA network IP addresses for the Active, Passive, and Witness nodes must be static
  • The vCenter HA network must be on a different subnet than the management network. The three nodes can be on the same subnet or on different subnets
  • Network latency between the Active, Passive, and Witness nodes must be less than 10 milliseconds
  • You must not add a default gateway entry for the cluster network

I created a new port group, named “vCenterHA”. Every environments are different so if you need contact your Network team about new network.

  • Add new Network adapter to vCenter Server Appliance
  • Select your vCenter HA network port group
  • Open vCenter WAMI page (https://vcenterFQDN_or_IP:5480)
  • Login by root user
  • Select Network option
  • Click “EDIT” on Network Settings and configure NIC1 (new added network card)
  • Select NIC1 and click NEXT
  • Fill the DNS and IPv4 address. I don’t use IPv6
  • Click NEXT and FINISH
  • Jump back to vSphere Client and select vCenter / Configure / Settings / vCenter HA
  • Push SET UP VCENTER HA button
  • Set up network and location of Passive and Witness nodes
  • If you can choose different datastore for Passive and Witness nodes in my lab I use vSAN so all my VMs locate on vSAN datastore
  • In the next page you can type IPs of vCenter HA of Passive and Witness nodes

The process begins. In early version we need to clone vCenter Appliance manually but now the whole process is automatic. When you did everything well you will see something similar like below.

You can find the official doc about vCenter HA for more details here.

Possible solution

I find a VMware’s KB article (2147932) about this error message. This note recommend to change your vCenter’s host name from upper letters to lowercase in systemname_info.json file. I describe the process below but I want to tell you it was not the right solution to my problem.

  • Open SSH and login to vCenter Server appliance
  • Check the host name, copy command below where vCenter_hostname is your vCenter appliance hostname (replace your hostname)
cat /etc/vmware/systemname_info.json | grep -i vCenter_hostname
  • If the hostname returned contains upercase level modify the hostname
  • Change directory and create a backup copy from systemname_info.json file. Copy commands below.
cd /etc/vmware
cp systemname_info.json systemname_info.json.BAK
vi systemname_info.json
  • Open systemname_info.json file by vi and replace hostname (move the cursor the right place, push “Insert” button, replca characters and press “Esc” key to quit mode insert)
  • Save the changes (:wq!)
  • Restart vCenter Server Appliance (reboot)

Correct solution

Reverse DNS!!! Create PTR record and map it to hostname. Yes, I know 😀

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