vmware failed to read header on stream tcp n7vmacore15systemexceptione connection reset by peer

As I mentioned we have introduced VMware Log Insight application. I really like this VMware product, but the others too 🙂 Simple and it is working well.


Today I find this error message on our one host:

Hostd: error hostd[66282B70] [Originator@6876 sub=SoapAdapter.HTTPService.HttpConnection] Failed to read header on stream <io_obj p:0x64b7765c, h:42, <TCP ‘’>, <TCP ‘’>>: N7Vmacore15SystemExceptionE(Connection reset by peer)

I started to Google it, and I find this VMware Kb Article:


So this is known issue and no solution yet.

vCenter Server Example Upgrade Paths

How can upgrade vSphere 5.5 to 6.0.0?


I upgraded my lab environment the last day, and i share for you any screenshots.

I used my vCenter Servers in Linked Mode options. I couldn’t found how to this scanerio. Maybe somebade else?

My expereince was not bad, my first vCenter Server keep alive after upgrade process 🙂

Now i continou test, and i will report from there!

VC1-2015-03-13-07-53-56 VC1-2015-03-13-07-54-22 VC1-2015-03-13-07-54-37 VC1-2015-03-13-08-01-11 VC1-2015-03-13-08-01-52 VC1-2015-03-13-08-02-13 VC1-2015-03-13-08-02-42 VC1-2015-03-13-08-03-06 VC1-2015-03-13-08-03-48 VC1-2015-03-13-08-05-35 VC1-2015-03-13-08-08-54 VC1-2015-03-13-08-13-00 VC1-2015-03-13-08-26-31 VC1-2015-03-13-08-30-33 VC1-2015-03-13-08-37-13 VC1-2015-03-13-08-42-29 VC1-2015-03-13-09-41-44 VC1-2015-03-13-09-43-45 VC1-2015-03-13-09-44-34 VC1-2015-03-13-09-44-40